Soon to come...

Preproduction book

About how the crew spent nights on end working on an extensive elaboration of our plans. 

During this period we were havily searching for funds and resources, and at the same time, we were looking for awesome locations around the city. 

Storyboarding it!

Between the Cuts was already more than an idea.

As soon as that first frame was drawn on that paper, the game was on. The movie was being shot in our heads and it has not stop until we set foot on the movie set. 


About how we made first connections and reached out to team members and how the crew was forming. 

A little luck, a lot of work and an incredible amount of fun. We were set on our goal and we weren’t about to let go. 


An introductory video to our journey to making Between the Cuts. 

It’s early june 2016. and a small team of likeminded people set on a journey to create a great action short. We only had a script and a great amount of energy to make this thing happen.